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A Letter From One Of Our Clients

CPR performed 24 hours after taking a Gator CPR: The Center for CPR & Safety Training class.

"Danny here. I took your CPR BLS course two days ago. This was a renewal for my Physical Therapist Assistant license requirement. The first time I took it was at the beginning of school two years ago. I didn't pay attention and they basically gave me the certification for nothing. This time I paid attention and actually learned it. Well, exactly 24 hours later, it was time to put my skills to use. I saw that a motorcycle had rear ended a stopped SUV. They were most likely going 60-70 mph. I pulled over and ran to the scene. There was a lady in scrubs checking his pulse and on the phone with 911. She didn't know CPR. When I lost his pulse I started delivering high quality chest compressions. His airway/nose/mouth were blocked by blood. A nurse had then arrived on scene and we turned him for a few seconds to see if his airway would clear. It didn't, so we turned him back over and I continued compressions. He gasped every 30 seconds or so and after a few minutes his pulse came back. I had the nurse keep constant observation. When it stopped again, I continued chest compressions. His pulse returned just as EMS arrived, and then soon dissipated. I continued compressions as they were attaching the pads and inserting the airway. The team then took over while the AED was analyzing his pulse.

So, thank you. You taught me well. I'm sure most people who know CPR will never have to use it. I used it 24 hours after learning it (literally, your class was at 6:00 pm. I pulled over to help at 6:00 pm). I thought you might be interested in hearing about it.

Thanks again.

Sincerely, Danny Fialko"