Register your prospective cna 

We are excited to be partnering with your organization to help guide select employees/staff to become Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), with the help of GatorCNA. Below are specific roles and responsibilities of all parties involved: GatorCNA/Instructor, Organizational Sponsor and Student. All parties will be required to sign this agreement to ensure each party knows their specific roles and responsibilities. 

GatorCNA’s Roles and Responsibilities: 


Our objective is to ensure each student passes the Florida Board of Nursing’s CNA State Exam. Here are the roles and responsibilities to ensure we meet our objective. 

  1. GatorCNA Instructors will demonstrate each of the 22 skills and provide each Student the opportunity to practice these skills under supervision of an Instructor during the initial training.

  2. GatorCNA will provide each Student a CNA Course Manual and review this in detail with Student during class. 

  3. GatorCNA will provide access to our Online CNA Training Program/Modules. These modules include a recording of each skill from beginning to end with a set of practice quizzes and exams.

  4. GatorCNA will provide unlimited access to Open Lab practice sessions. Open Lab is designed to provide students additional practice time in 2-3 hour time blocks.

  5. GatorCNA will assist Students who need assistance registering for their State Exam and Background Checks, if needed. 

  6. GatorCNA Instructors will be available to assist Students in whatever way necessary throughout this process, but it is the Students’ responsibility to identify that need and reach out to us to schedule time.

  7. GatorCNA will provide Organizational Sponsor a Student Progress Report immediately within 24 to 48 hours of Student completing their in-person course. Once distributed to the Sponsor, it is the responsibility of the Sponsor to meet with Student on a weekly basis to track progress. (See Sample Student Progress Report Attachment).

  8. GatorCNA offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee of the Prep Class Fee (not including the background check or state exam fees) to the Sponsor (See attachment showing our Refund Policy). 


The Organizational Sponsor’s (Sponsor) Role and Responsibilities: 


It is suggested that the Sponsor have some form of agreement with the Student regarding the expectations of GatorCNA and the Sponsor, in return for the organization paying for the Prep Course and other associated fees. 


  1. Sponsor will register Students for their desired class and location using the pre-assigned Promo Code. When registering each Student, use their full name, their phone number and their unique email address.  

  2. Sponsor and Student understand that Skills taught in a CNA Prep Class are performed differently during the State Exam than how you might perform at your place of work. Because of this, GatorCNA discourages any additional practice from being performed at your workplace, as normal day-to-day procedures are different than the State Exam.    

  3. Sponsor Fee and Payment Schedule:

    1. $349 - CNA Prep Class (includes approx. 20 hours of in-class instruction, Access to Online Training Modules, Access to unlimited Open Lab).  

    2. $80 to $100 - Background Check if needed. Sponsor needs to make sure Student has an eligible Background for their state exam. Please Call GatorCNA with questions.  

    3. $155 - State Exam. To be invoiced as incurred.  

    4. Invoices are sent to Sponsors monthly based on Registration volume and related activities. 

    5. All Invoices are due Net 30 Days. 

  4. Sponsor and Student must notify GatorCNA one week (7 calendar days) prior to scheduled class, should they want to cancel or reschedule a Student, so as to avoid being charged for this Student's registration. Reference Refund/Cancellation Policy here:

  5. Sponsor understands that, should a Student attend any portion of our Prep Class and not complete the process of getting their CNA Certification, the Sponsor is still responsible for their fee, even if this Student is no longer employed by the Sponsor.   

  6. Sponsor is responsible for reviewing the Student Progress Report on a weekly basis with the Student, holding them accountable for any lack of progress. 

  7. Sponsor is responsible for informing GatorCNA of the Student's testing date as soon as possible. 

  8. If a Student fails either portion of the state exam, it is the responsibility of the Sponsor to make sure the Student reaches out to GatorCNA and follows the Refund Policy (Refund Policy Attached). 



The Student’s Role and Responsibilities: 


The success of the Student on test day relies heavily on their own drive and dedication. GatorCNA will do all that we can to help students be successful. The only way that GatorCNA can ensure that students are likely to pass the skills and written portions of testing is for the student to attend open labs with an instructor for further review and guidance, use the online study materials until scores are above 85%, and keep in contact with their instructor to help them stay on track. 


  1. Student will be required to attend each day of their scheduled class/training, arrive on time and stay the full length of the class each day unless previously arranged with the Instructor.

  2. Student will be required to actively participate in the class, including physically participating in each hands-on practice and provide verbal cues of understanding.

  3. Student must read their Course Manual; as this is a great resource should a Student have any questions. 

  4. Student is expected to complete all parts of our Online CNA Training Program/Modules prior to day of test and have a score of 85% or better.

  5. Student should plan on attending as many Open Labs as needed to better prepare for the State Exam. Failure to attend Open Labs, could negatively impact a Student's success in passing the state exam. 

  6. Student may attend as many Open Labs as needed, prior to testing. Should a Student choose not to attend additional labs it is the responsibility of the Student and the Sponsor to be sure that they are practicing the skills as taught in class during their work schedule.

  7. Student must practice skills as taught in class and as they are written in the manual. Student and Sponsor understand that State Exam testing requirements are different from their workplace activities. Therefore we discourage practicing without the direction or guidance of GatorCNA Prep Class, Course Manual, Online Training Program and/or Open Labs. 

  8. Student must reply to emails and return any phone calls in a timely manner. 

  9. Student understands that part of our Prep Class requires the discipline to self-study on their own time and register for their own Open Labs. 

  10. GatorCNA suggests that the Student register for the State Exam during the classroom portion of the Prep Class. If not during class, Student must register for the State Exam on their own within two weeks of completing the classroom portion of the Prep Class.

  11. Student will inform GatorCNA as soon as they are approved for testing. 

  12. If Student fails to pass their state exam, the Student must reach out to GatorCNA within 5 days to complete an Action Plan for retaking the State Exam to ensure their success in their next attempt. This Action Plan is required as part of our Refund Policy (See attachment showing our Refund Policy).