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Coming Back to Practice After Your Course

To ensure your success, GatorCNA offers a variety of ways to allow you additional practice after you have finished your Prep Course. 

  1. Open Lab

  2. CNA Spotter

Open Lab Hours​:  
PREREQUISITE: Attended a GatorCNA Prep Course

GatorCNA encourages our students to come back and use the CNA Lab as often as possible to get additional practice. Anytime the lab is available, you are welcome to use the lab for additional practice. You will need to register to use the CNA lab as we are currently only accepting students who have a reservation for our lab. These lab sessions are 2 hour sessions that are staggered throughout the day to allow for santization of the mannequins and supplies between sessions. Additionally, there are only 4-6 spots available for each reservation to allow for social distancing while in the lab. 

Some Lab hours will have an instructor present and he or she will be available for additional assistance and to answer any questions you may have. However, an instructor does not have to be present for you to use the CNA Lab. If you are comfortable without an instructor, please look at our without an instructor option on the Open Lab registration page. If you think you will need an instructor present, please look at the with an instructor option on the Open Lab registration page. 

When you are done using the lab, you will be expected to leave the room in the same condition you found it. Hang any wet linens you have used and throw away trash in to the provided garbage bins. 


Take Prep
Attend Open Lab
CNA Spotter Sessions:
PREREQUISITE: 1.) Attended a GatorCNA Prep Course and 2.) Registered for State Exam  

Once you register for your CNA State Exam, you are welcome to sit in on additional classes, as a spotter. As a spotter, you will sit in on a class without actively participating. You will be observing first time students learning these skills and may be used as a patient for demonstration purposes. You may ask questions and interact as long as it doesn't take away from the current student's learning experiences. As a spotter you may also help correct current students if you notice they are not performing the skill correctly. ​

To keep classes sizes low, GatorCNA only allows a limited number of spotters in each class so you will need to register ahead of time to reserve your place as a spotter. Please note that if you MISS your scheduled CNA spotter session, your opportunity to sit in another CNA Spotter Session may be revoked. You can always contact within 24 hours to cancel. Note that we hold your spot and if you NO SHOW, you prevent another student from sitting in the spot we hold for you. ​

Attend Open Lab
Register for State Exam
Attend Several Open Labs
Having Attended Several Open Labs
Register for CNA Spotter Session
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